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LOA/Rarely online Empty LOA/Rarely online

Post by djdani101 on Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:50 pm

Hey all,
Whats happened over the past month??
Everyone seems to be offline a lot or on LOA..
we have 4+ people on LOA at the same time and whenever I get on, only Emily is online.

So thank you Emily for being online all the time and you will be getting something special soon.
Also, thank you very much to Kelly (Notforgiven) for the credits. For anyone who had no idea, she handed us over 100c to be able to give everybody pay for the past few weeks while Nathan (Scottywonderful, the owner) was on LOA for the 2 weeks.

I can understand if you cant be on very often because of family/school/college/uni/tafe/etc. But please tell us. We know its just a game, but the more people we get into the DNI family, the more friends you make and the more fun it becomes for everyone.

Dani (djdani101)
DNI Commissioner

djani101 (Danielle.C, preferably Dani)

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